Whether as small as postage stamps, or as large as major exhibitions or branding projects, Peter’s work is characterised by deep engagement with the content and audience. He prefers to get involved in projects in their early, conceptual phases and many of his endeavours have challenged the status quo.

  • Peter Biľak: Design


    Through his company Typotheque, Peter Biľak has worked with major companies such as Facebook, Mozilla on branding projects; Paris metro, and Vienna airport on way-finding and information systems, as well as working with cultural clients such as Kunstmuseum Den Haag, Netherlands Architecture Institute, or a website for the Prince Claus Foundation.

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  • Peter Biľak: Type Design

    Type Design

    At the core of Biľak’s work is type design, designing typefaces for most of the world’s living languages. He has designed numerous popular retails fonts such as Fedra or Greta, but also custom fonts for clients such as World Press Photo, Dwell Magazine, Harper Collins dictionaries or Bibliothèque nationale de France.

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  • Peter Biľak: Publishing


    Biľak initiated a number of autonomous projects where the company is the client, designer and the publisher all in one. In 2000 Peter Biľak and Stuart Bailey co-founded Dot Dot Dot, a seminal art and culture magazine. In 2013, Biľak started Works That Work, ‘a magazine of unexpected creativity’ that not only broadened the definition of design but also introduced new operating models for independent periodicals.

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  • Peter Biľak: Performance


    Biľak’s surprisingly diverse work goes far beyond graphic design, working with modern dance and scenography. Together with the choreographer Lukáš Timulak, he conceives concepts for new modern dance performances, and worked with companies such as Royal Swedish Ballet, Netherlands Dance Theatre, Opéra National de Lyon. Their longstanding collaboration led to the birth of Make Move Think, a foundation for interdisciplinary artistic collaboration, where they now work with the urban designer Luisa Calabrese creating a live performance at the Biennale of Architecture in Venice.

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